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Selling a business can be a daunting task even for the most experienced business owner. Yet, this task is critical to achieving personal and investment goals for many business owners.  How can you be sure you receive the highest possible price for your company and reap the rewards of your hard work?


At Elite Mergers & Acquisitions, we take pride in looking after the best interests of our customers. We seek to maximize the benefit for our clients. Unlike business brokers, we do not participate in dual agency. We are completely loyal to our client and take best care of their interests. We also have appropriate licenses to do stock sales and offer investment banking services. Our thorough approach to evaluating and marketing mid-cap businesses has enabled our clients to sell their businesses for the highest value.


We start our process by understanding your business and personal needs. We provide guidance on how you can maximize the value of your business and prepare a preliminary business valuation to establish the potential valuation range for the company to determine whether or not selling your business at this time will achieve your personal and financial objectives. Depending on your need, we review your operational and accounting processes and provide guidance on changes that may be necessary in tax planning to prepare for the exit. We begin our marketing process once we are agreement with you about the goals, possible outcomes and the process. Our creative, discreet and persistent marketing process is designed to produces a range of offers for your company so you can choose the deal you prefer. The conventional networking approach does not cast a wide net out to the market of potential buyers and leaves business owners with fewer offers and lower return on their investment. We are deeply cognizant of the negotiating techniques used by professional buyers such as Private Equity Groups and ensure that you are not taken advantage of. Our unique process gives clients the confidence that they chose the right buyer and sold their company for the best possible terms. The key ingredients of our marketing process are:


Blind Profile: A concise one to two page presentation of your company is sent with a short introductory letter to the list of possible strategic and financial acquirers.

Comprehensive Business Review (CBR): The first step to getting offers is getting noticed. We create a Comprehensive Business Review that showcases your company's unique strengths and growth potential. With this CBR as the key marketing weapon, we market your company directly to hundreds of targeted, prospective buyers.

Custom Acquirer Research: We use proprietary databases with thousands of potential strategic and financial acquirers. We customize the acquirer search for every client-company.

Diverse Marketing Channels: We confidentially market your company to prospective acquirers identified by our Custom Acquirer Research by direct mail. In addition we confidentially market your company to our affiliates, on selected M&A websites, in trade publications, and using select online and other outlets.

Phone/Email Follow-up: Every potential acquirer receives a phone call or an email after the initial letter to kick start the dialogue. We believe in the benefits of "high touch" in getting the best results.

Due Diligence Package: We create a package containing a detailed set of documents to analyze the business deeply. We prepare this with ample planning and with minimum inconvenience to the sellers.

Confidential Auction: We conduct competitive bidding among interested parties to get the maximum value for your business.


We facilitate meetings, facility tours, manage the negotiation process and do everything else that is necessary to get the acquirers from being interested parties to parties who ultimately consummate the deal. In addition, we assist our clients throughout the selling process by providing consultation on growth strategies, exit strategies and deal structures that can increase sale price and after-tax proceeds.


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